About Us

Please let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Sean Morgan, owner of Morgan Flooring.

As previously mentioned, we are a family owned business.  I do all of the estimating and jobsite work, while my wife Becky does our bookkeeping.

I have been doing traditional hardwood flooring since 1985 and still enjoy the "hands on" work. I perform each job as if it were my own home; this is very important to me, as I feel my work is a representation of myself.

What does this mean for you?

Simple. It means that when Morgan Flooring does your floor, you will NOT see a "crew" showing up, but rather all work is completed solely by myself.  Your floor will not be "hired" or "sub-contracted" out by a third party. Regardless of the job's size, I will be there from the beginning to the very end.

It is also important for me to convey my concern about our environment. I am an avid hiker/outdoorsman (as shown by the above pictures), and I firmly believe in using renewable resources. I am careful to use readily available domestic hardwood flooring that is grown/harvested properly here in the USA. If you desire imported or exotic woods, these resources are also available; however, you should be aware that most imported woods are not properly harvested or re-grown.

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